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M-ticket NFC
M-ticket NFC

Advantages of mobile NFC

Unique customer experience

Contactless validation

Without opening an app, without having to look for your ticket

Works even when phone is turned off (depending on smartphones)

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Integrated into your MaaS applications

Enriches the relationship with
all your travelers

Easily integrated SDK solution

Exclusive multi-application management

100% compatible

Your entire price range including ABT

The extension of your transportation card on Android + iOS

Integrated with existing ticketing systems


Only dual platform in Europe integrating the 2 technologies HCE (Android) + Secure Element (Apple, Samsung, …)

For compatibility with 100% of smartphones.

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Exclusive SDK architecture

Manages concurrent access from multiple applications

To guarantee the uniqueness of the transport card in the smartphone

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Exclusive CLM solution for virtual card management

Compatible with all OS and all technologies

For a unique customer experience (smartphone change, connected watch…)

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the M-Ticket NFC on mobile

Offer a 100% mobile service to your customers: the emulation of a transport card. Calypso allows the purchase and validation of all fares only from a smartphone or a connected watch.

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reading & card reloading

A service that turns any smartphone into a mobile TVM The card reader offers a screen to your transportation cards. Reloading allows the purchase of tickets and their instant loading to any Calypso card.

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